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A little bit late but the Vampire Academy film adaptation has had some casting news! The named 'Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters' film has had it's three lead character cast, and this is so exciting because, in my opinion, they are SUCH good matches!

First up we have Zoey Deutch as lead Rosemarie 'Rose' Hathaway.

I wasn't as sure about Zoey's look when I first heard she was Rose as I was picturing how she was in the 'Beautiful Creatures'movie, however after seeing her with darker hair and fuller eyebrows I think she looks absolutely great!
I'm hoping that through training she will put on more muscle and hopefully a little bit more weight to really harness the curvy dhampir figure Rose is supposed to have.

Next is Lucy Fry as Moroi Princess Vasilisa 'Lissa' Dragomir.
A book
Lucy is near on PERFECT for the look of Lissa I think! Although I don't tend to picture actors generally when reading books, if I'd have seen Lucy when reading I would have totally pictured her. She has such a soft and pretty face that I think really matches to the personality of Lissa .
She's an Australian actress who is fairly unknown, only having a few TV roles but nothing major. The only concern I have with Lucy is how well she can do an American accent, other than that I think she looks great!

Finally we have Danila Kozlovsky as guardian and Rose's love interest Dimitri Belikov
A book
I think Danila is probably my favourite of the three cast, alongside looking perfect he's an actual RUSSIAN actor. I mean how great is that?! I love that he will have the perfect accent and we won't have to go through that worry-some process of wondering if he will be able to pull it off or not. 

I'm curious as to whether they are going to have Danila grow his hair longer so it can be put in a pony tail (as in the book) or keep it to the longish and messy length that it is now. Personally I really quite like the length in the photo so I wouldn't be too bothered either way.

Overall I'm REALLY excited to get the rest of the cast if they are getting people as dead on as these three! I also really like that they aren't so well known actors so that they won't have any stigma attached to them or there isn't any other character that they could be compared too.

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